Tools & Colors

Brush Editor

Press ctrl to display the brush editor


Hide/Show tools

Toggle tools and palettes on and off.

Menu > Window > Hide Palettes

Multiple tips

Select different brush sizes by pressing 1 to 5

Discover all tools detailed tips

Blending mode

Swap between opaque and transparent (multiply)

Fill tool

Fill large areas with a simple gesture

Fill area

Draw an outline to fill

Fill closed shape

Click a closed area to fill

Pattern editor

Press ctrl to modify pattern opacity & scale


Pattern editor

Press ctrl to modify pattern opacity & scale

Watercolor wet brush

The ink stays wet and colors blends together


Dry the ink by pressing enter or click on the drop

Watercolor tap

Tap in your wet stroke to create a watercolor mark


Add water to your wet ink

Erase all

Tap twice to erase the current layer

Dynamic Eraser

Slow is small, fast is big


Press Shift to constrain the brush to draw only straight lines


Blend strokes together



Draw an outline to select it

Select all

Click the drawing to select it


Move the selection


Press alt to duplicate


Move the handle to scale and orient


Press Cmd + C to copy the selection and paste it in another app


Navigate colors

Drag the colors and move

Edit color swatch

Long press on swatch to edit

Add / Remove color

Tap "+" or "-" to add or remove colors

Color Picker

Edit the current color.
Press ctrl and alt.


Color Eyedropper

Pick an existing color.
Press alt.

Swap Color

Press X to swap current and last used colors


Color Mix

Allows colors to mix together when painting

Disable Color Mix

You can disable this effect in the menu Tools > Disable Color Mix

Menu > Tools > Disable Color Mix