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We create playful things

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Tayasui is Parisian mobile applications editor since 2008 and the successful launch of its first application: Talking Carl, which was an worldwide success and showcased in 2011 at the New York MoMA exhibition Talk to me.


Since then, Tayasui has launched many innovative apps for children of any age, with simple gameplay, colorful characters, and zany sound effects that are the trademark of Tayasui’s light-hearted, magical world.

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With Sketches, Tayasui is also strongly focusing on delivering a creative solutions for both casual and professional graphic artists in need of a powerful drawing tool with an easy to grasp and gorgeous user interface. Today Tayasui community has grown to millions of monthly users and more than 10 million downloads.

With Blocks, Tangram, Memopad, Tayasui also offers equally creatives apps, which brings the power of creation into the hands of thousands of kids all over the world.

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Japanese word meaning
“easy and simple"