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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the patterns ?
Patterns are only available in Sketches Pro.

How do I import a picture ?
Tap the ••• button on top and then tap the import button.

I don’t like the Swipe gesture to undo, what can I do ?
Go to preferences and switch on “display undo-redo button”, it will cancel the swipe to undo gesture and display buttons instead.

Where are the realistic 3D tools gone ?
They will be back in a future update.

Where is the autocolor feature ?
Autocolor will be back in a future update.

Why the dialog "allow modify this photo” keeps popping ?
When you activate “Backup to Photos” iOS ask you if you want to modify the existing drawing. Sorry but there is no other way around.

What is the difference between Sketches Pro and Sketches (free) ?
Sketches Pro is Sketches (free) with the Pro Bundle IAP and all extras included.They both will evolve at the same pace and will stay the same.

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Sketches crashes at startup, what can I do ?
First try to [restart] your device.
If it does not work, backup your drawings to a computer, remove the app from your device and install the last version from the App Store.
See below for how to backup.

How can I backup all my drawings ?
Please find some help here

- Connect your device to your computer.
- In itunes, select your device in the device menu.
- Click the "Apps" button that Appears at the top of the right side panel.
- Installed Apps appears below the "File Sharing" section, select "Sketches" or "Sketches Pro", your documents shows on the right panel.
- Select all the documents in the right panel and select the "save to…" button at the bottom of the window.
- Select a folder where to put this files.

How can I restore all my drawings ?
It is the same process as backup but in reverse, you will Add files to the App.
- Connect your device to your computer.
- In iTunes, select your device in the device menu.
- Click the "Apps" button that Appears at the top of the right side panel
- Installed Apps appears below the "File Sharing" section, select "Sketches" or "Sketches Pro".
- Select the "Add…" button at the bottom of the window.
- Select your files you backed up to add to the Sketches

What size can I print my drawings ?
If you work on an iPad retina or an iPhone 6+ you can print a Letter or A4 page with great quality.

Which Stylus do you support ? Which one would you recommend ?
We support all major Stylus brand except Hex 3 that does not respond to our inquiries.
We recommend the ones with "fat" tips, they may look a bit less cool but they usualy gives better and more consistent result. That is : Adonit Jot Pro, Wacom Creative Stylus 1 and Pencil by 53.

Do I have to buy IAP on each of my devices ?
If you buy an IAP option on one device, you can then “restore IAP” on your other devices in order to make them available (access in the Info panel).

The Extra tools does not appears.
If you already bought the option, go to the info panel and tap on the Restore IAP button.

I bought Xtra Tools or Pro Version but I can't access them.
Press the the cog-wheel in the ••• menu, in the info panel, tap on the Restore IAP button.

How do I restore my In-App Purchase (IAP) ?
Tap the cog-wheel in the ••• menuand then tap on the Restore IAP button in the info panel.

Restore IAP does not work.
If you are connected with the same Apple account that bought the IAP, you can buy them again by clicking the "buy" button, you will not be charged twice for the same purchase.

How can I get a refund ?
- Click [here] to head to Apple's Report a Problem website.
- Sign in with the Apple ID you used to purchase Knock.
- Find Tayasui Sketches in the list and Click "Report a Problem".
- Click the "Choose Problem" dropdown that appears.
- Select "Problem is not listed here."  
- In the textbox that appears, type the reason why you want the refund.
- Submit your request.

How can I print my drawing ?
Export to the Photo Library and print from there.
Image resolution depends on your device so it's best on Retina iPad and iPad Pro.

The Eyedropper doesn't work.
Please verify in the info panel / preferences that the enable eyedropper switch is ON.

Export to Photo Library does not work.
Please verify that sharing has been allowed in Settings > Privacy > Photos > Sketches. 

Why are my drawings exported to camera roll small and compressed ?
Update to Pro and Sketches will export full size PNG with transparencies to the camera roll.

Buying the pro mode gives me error messages.
We are not responsible regarding IAP purchase as it is a process between your device and Apple Servers.
If you encounter problem buying the IAP we advise you to retry later a few times.
Also try to remove and reinstall the App then try to buy the Pro IAP again.

How do I configure Mail or Facebook account ?
You need to exit Sketches, go to the "Settings" App, then select the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" or "Facebook" Tab and enter requested informations there.

How can I recover from a frozen App ?
If you find yourself with a frozen Sketches at startup, here are a few things to try:
- Try to quit and then launch Sketches for a fresh start: guide here
- If it doesn't work you'll need to reinstall a fresh App after removing it : guide here