Getting Started

Basic gestures and functions you need to know to start with Sketches

Paper Size

How to change the size and other properties of your paper

Zoom Lock

Display your image zoomed out to draw from edges to edges

Zen Mode

Free your canvas of all clutter

Fill tool

Use the Pattern Tool to fill a closed area

Lock Transparency

Lock layer transparency to only draw in existing brushstrokes

Watercolor Wet Brush

How to blend colors with the Watercolor Wet Brush

Acrylic blending

How to use acrylic blending to create subtle texture

Change Color and Gradient

How to change a color shape or create a gradient with a simple selection

Smudge Grit

Add grit with the Sanding Tool


How to use Rulers options

Pixel Tool

Where to find the Pixel Tool and how to use it

Type Tool

How to edit type 

Copy Paste Duplicate

How to copy paste and duplicate a selection

Import template

How to import a picture as a template

Import layer

How to import multiple and transparent layers

SKT Export

How to export a .SKT file to your files

PSD Export

How to export a .psd file to your files

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