To report a bug, please provide : 

• Screenshots
• Screen recording
• Description
• Logs

Please provide Screenshots or even better a screen recording of the issue.
If not possible, describe how to reproduce the issue. 

How to take a screenshot on your iPhoneHow to record the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchHow to record the screen on your Mac

Please send us these informations at

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Where to find logs


1 - Open Files app
2 - In sidebar locations, look into “On my iPad/iPhone”
3 - Open Sketches folder
4 - Look for “Logs” folder.

You can send us the entire folder or all its content. 

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To report a crash

Analytics data

1 - In device Settings, look for Privacy section.
2 - In Privacy, look for “Analytics & Improvements” section. 
(Don’t forget to enable “Share iPhone Analytics”.)
3 - Open “Analytics Data” section.
4 - In Search tab, write “sketches” and press “Search”

5 - Tap on the last file and share it at

Acquiring Crash Reports and Diagnostic Logs
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ios15 iphone12-pro-control-center-screen-record-animation
ios15 iphone12-pro-control-center-screen-record-animation

Thank you for your help. 

After receiving the required informations, we will review your case and keep you informed as soon as possible.

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