a Magical World
of Funny monsters

Welcome your best tiny friends for Halloween and enter a Magical World of Funny monsters. With the four cutest monsters ever, each with its own unique character and hundreds of animation, Tiny Monsters is a unique interactive and Halloween themed cartoon. Interact with this funny monsters and watch them play, dance, jump, zombi walk, fly, kiss and much, much more…


Augmented Reality: Tiny Monsters lives near you!

lovely characters

Two Extra
characters to unlock

Many voices, cute sound effects, hundreds of the great animations

in details

- Interact with unforgettable characters
- Switch between them at any time
- Interact with each other using a variety of gestures
- Use the ‘magic’ button for a different reaction each time.
- Speak to them and have them repeat your words in their own unique voices .
- Watch them perform a variety of entertaining, playful and hilarious actions – like jumping, kissing, throwing, hiding, running away and more.
- Listen to the enchanting sound effects, cute voices and watch animation at its finest.