Join Carl on

Carl Repeats

everything you say

with the funniest Voice.

Carl is the funniest character that

ever lived in your pocket!

Tickle him, he will laugh out loud.

Poke him and he will shout and yell.

And Pinch him to hear him growling.

Carl is hours of laugh for children

of any age. Parents will love him too because it is peacefulness while kids are playing with him.

But don’t try it, you’ll never

give it back to them.

We are deeply sorry but we are not responsible for Awyse outrageous behavior regarding Talking Carl and the terrible “upgrade” into Talking C the paper bag.

They were court-ordered to stop selling the application but instead they choose to gives you this trash bag.

Please accept our sincere apologizes and enjoy the new Talking Carl.

Best regards,