Mac & iOS

Files & Shares


Tap the ••• Menu to access iOS share dialog

Sketches Community

Post your drawing on teh Sketches Community where you can show your work, vote and find inspirations.

Sketches Community


Copy the drawing so it can be pasted in another drawing or app

Save image

Save the drawing to Photos library

Save layered psd (PRO)

Save a photoshop compatible layered file.
To iCloud or DropBox

Save transparent background (PRO)

Save your drawing in PNG format with transparent background to Files or Photos

Save for Sketches for Mac

Save an image you can open and continue on your Mac.
To iCloud or Dropbox.

Sketches for Mac

Open In...

Allows you to open the current image in another app.

Save to Creative Cloud (PRO)

Save a psd image to your Creative Cloud Drive

Save to Files

Allows to save a png image to any Cloud Service available on your device.
For example iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox.
Tap “Emplacement” in the next dialog to change Cloud Service


Delete your drawing


Print your image on a connected printer

Image Size

Drawings are the size of the screen of your device.