Browser & folders

Access browser

Pinch in over your drawing to save it and enter the browser

New drawing

Tap on "+" to create a new drawing

Customize paper

Tap the gear icon in a new drawing and choose a paper grain and color

Delete a drawing

Move the drawing to the trash icon

Recycle bin

Find your deleted files then choose to put them back to your folder or to delete it definitively


Swipe with two fingers to duplicate your drawing

Share a drawing

Tap the "shareā€¯ button. Select the drawings you want to send by tapping them one at a time. Tap the Share button.

Close Folder

Tap on the folder to close it

Browse folders

Swipe left and right to browse your folders

New folder

Tap on the outlined folder to create a new one

Rename folder

Tap folder name to edit

Customize folder

Tap the gear button to customize

Share folder

Move up a folder to share it

Delete folder

Move folder down to trash, or tap on trash button